Friday, November 9, 2018

A Walk Through Time - Ajo Arizona

In the Ajo Plaza - to the left of The Market -are Art Under the Arches Gallery where I found the work of Carmel Anderson and, across the hall, A Walk Through Time...Ajo where Lorraine Eiler will preside through April 2019.

She is parting with her personal collection from over fifty years of acquisition at prices low enough even *I* could afford something.

Please tell her hello for me.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Racemaster Gary & Driver Russ

Exploring a sideroad, I came upon some SERIOUS treadmarks.

A bit farther sat the culprit.

Russ had recently acquired the Camaro and Racemaster Gary, a veteran from the days of Big Daddy Don Garlits and solid axles, was helping him put it through its paces.

Gary analyzes the tracks...

Tire Preschoor und Trakschon, Yah!

Laying it down

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Traveling Companion

Perhaps it's the webs they weave; or their frequently pugnacious character (tho tarantulas seem almost apologetic). Perhaps it's a projection prompted by my ten-month-pregnant abdomen that sprang forth after my thyroid conked out.

Each day the web gets blown away. By the following morning, for the past four or five days its been renewed.

Tonight I got a glimpse, but it took shelter behind the mirror when I accidentally (Dumkopf!) touched the web while trying to get a portrait.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Both Sides Now...well, in a few days

A couple of years ago I got off the freeway to pee. Whilst zipping up, a fellow stopped and asked if I'd been up the road. As we learned from the trial of that basketballer, always best to deny it; I did.

He said they'd gone up to see the train and I should too! Ever eager to heed advice, I went.

The next encounter asked if I'd seen the thatch-roofed yurts on stilts along the edge of the bayou. He added that the water came halfway up the cab but they'd made it across. (The tales people tell!) But it sounded intriguing. Somehow I got lost and, running low on fuel and supplies, had to go back.

Then, I ferget when hit wuz perzackly, Kristen and I spent several days a few miles north of the Intrastate 'miring the scenery. But we never got much further.

This time I hope to make it through to Caliente. THEN, having discovered how differeny everythin' looks when coming fum duh udder way, I'll return by the same route.

Ah'm tellin' you, dispiddlin'izduhbomb!

N37.07339  -W114.34544  Elev:  3142'

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Full Moon Equinox - 25, October, 2018

At 12:18 a.m. the moon is almost directly overhead. I've tried to notice where the moon's path is in the sky (did I tie my shoelaces?) and tonight it's about one degree south of overhead and even less than that from the "center" of its travel. It would appear to be an equinox.

I'm camped at the east edge of Mormon Mesa due east of Overton, NV. I'm curious to know how far north and south one could be and still have the sense it was passing directly overhead?

And how often does the phenomena of it reaching the zenith at midnight occur?

And how often does the moon's equinox coincide with it being full?

THIS is what you get when you live "outside."