Sunday, August 18, 2019

Tucked In

On her title Phoebe's color is listed as brown. Others have used the word gray. I call it wiemaraner. It almost matches the trunks of the junipers.

You'd think from looking at the road yer muddr's caddy could do it...and possibly so. But I used 4wd several times on the steep parts to lessen the chance of creating washboard.

It's been a nice spot...only one side-by-side in two days and very little flyover.

Saturday, August 17, 2019


Dutch pronunciation: Yo-zeen. Southwest (Hispanic influence) pronunciation: Ho-see-en.

We met in summer of 2010. Enroute to say goodbye to a sweetheart in Alaska who was dying of cancer, a large sign on the highway said ART Lot 64. I made a Ueee and with naught but a glance at the subdivision map, drove to her house.

Over the following weeks our emails grew increasingly intimate. On my way back I stopped to linger. She showed me the beauty of the area, a wilderness that included 2:00 a.m. visits from wolves (they reminded me of prankster teens: "Let's go howl outside his door."), swans flying up/over the Takhini River (where I camped) and sidelong glances from European hikers (the mens' lingered) who chanced upon us en flagrante on the beach of Lake Kusawa.

Dutch, she's one of the most fearless and adventurous women I've known. An artist, she shared an interest in beauty and the figure.

Recently I began with:

I read about this guy in WSJ Magazine. He does nice work don't you think?

She rejoined with:

hi, good to hear from you!
How are you!
Maybe this is a hint for me to send you a picture...i will look today:) and oldie from ...i forgot his i starting to be more forgetful?, probably.

 But yes  very beautiful work indeed, is it a magazine?  I love his action women, also some nudity even, that is good.
only.....did you notice that is only very young, some look 14 , only women and only slender bodies, probably also with mostly firm good sized boobs.
sigh. not very good Michael no matter if he is indeed very talented. a loss really for society. if we only want to portray such image in beauty.
beauty can be so much more.

he how are  the women in your life, i mean the relationships. I don't think i wrote back yet about the groceries. of course (her husband, name deleted) and I might have discrepancies in that department, but we stick together despite of  it, And the groceries do get done.

In your blog i don't always get a picture of what you are up to, but i can understand the vagueness. 

By way of explanation...We had had a discussion about bears in which she pointed out that bears are bears and they should not be blamed for being themselves. The end result was the aphorism: Do not blame the bear.

So then:

Yes, this is fashion photography. It is like any art...not a depiction of the "norm."

But do you not see the irony of YOU, who have the body nearly every woman envies, saying these are only young and with large breasts? Society has always defined beauty, but it is tragic that people compare themselves and feel inadequate..rather than simply admiring those who have the attributes. As we ALL know, beauty is MUCH more than mere appearance. But it is unfortunate that people cannot think for themselves and appreciate their own, individual beauty.

Do not blame the bear. ; - 


And finally:

AttachmentsJun 26, 2019,
lol, i know i do have a certain body, and certainly not typical facial features... and i know it has always been tempting for me to show myself in a way that...appeals to what  i think many women envy, or men like to look at... but i have attempted for sure to show myself also in less what i think attractive ways.
but i think all people  are,  maybe secretlly, quite happy to have there features. I do believe in the fact that in the end most of us will come to the conclusion, that being stuck in our bodies, we want to be stuck  right then and there, just as we are.
Ask your girlfriends , if they would want to trait with me or anybody else for that matter, i think they all say, no i rather be me. And how about you?

And i stick to my point, that due to artists like this, we struggle with our self image.

Am i one of those artist unwittingly...i hope not

J. xoxox  

Friday, August 16, 2019

Canyon Pintado

It's hotter than blue blazes. The roads are riven with gullies. There be LIONS und tigre und all manner of perverts along the waysides...

my kinda place.

Her iPhone 8 (I think that's what it is) takes better pictures than a digital Nikon she had a few years ago. My little Sony (some day I must give it a mane & tail) has a wide range of capabilities for $130.00 but.....oh well.



...and there be nighthawks.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hep Cats

A bit of nightmare while we're waiting for something to happen....

A Contemporary Performance

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

White Cliffs of Jensen

Stopping to note GPS coordinates, I recognized the sign.

I recollected adding it to my PLACES TO GO file, but had no idea I was here. The light was so different! (And, of course, with fading memory, everything is new!)

To the North


It's futile trying to capture the grandeur. But maybe, just maybe, they'll be sufficient to jog the fading faculty.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Dinosaur National Monument (DNM)

The fog that now covers the Southwest provides some respite from the heat. But it's no longer a dry heat.

The Yampa River doing its thang....

When the fog clears (there's still a hint), the ability to create shade comes into play.

Phoebe - 230,000+ miles (370,149 km)
Goodyear Wrangler Trail Runner AT tires*

The yellow and black checkered, flannel-lined sleeping bag was a $10.00 find at the Animal Humane Thrift Store in Sun Valley, Idaho.  It looked brand new and though it takes up as much room as a cat (well, maybe not quite that much), it's a superb insulator.

* When Eggbert  retired he was running Cooper Weathermaster ST/2 snow tires. They worked well, but with 4wd I wanted something a little more substantial. I'm mainly in and around rock and these have performed well. I have yet to test them in sand, but last year I was surprised to learn how much deeper you can get yourself in when you "air down."