Monday, April 12, 2021

Sunday, April 11, 2021

In the LaaaAAAAAaaaanD of Georgia O'Keefe

Oh, the wind blows cold
On the trail of the buffalo
Oh, the wind blows cold
In the land of the Navajo
In the land of the Navajo
A hundred miles from nowhere out on the desert sand
One-eyed Jack, the trader, held some turquoise in his hand
By his side sat Running Elk, his long-time Indian friend
He vowed that he would stay by Jack until the bitter end
Jack had gambled everything he owned to lead this wandering life
He might have had a happy home and a tender loving wife
But his hunger was for trading trapper's furs for turquoise stone
Anything that the Indians had, Jack wanted for his own
Said Jack to Running Elk, I'll gamble all my precious stones
Before I leave my body here among these bleaching bones
But now my time is drawing near and I'm filled with dark regret
My spirit longs to journey as the sun begins to set
For we raped and killed, we stole your land, we ruled with guns and knives
Fed whiskey to your warriors while we stole away your wives
Said Running Elk, what's done is done, you white men rule this land
So lay the cards face up and play your last broken-hearted hand
When you're dealing cards with death, the joker's wild, the ace is high
Jack bid the Mississippi River, Running Elk raised him the sky
Jack saw him with the sun and moon and upped him with the stars
Running Elk bet the Rocky Mountains, Jupiter, and Mars
The sun was sinking in the west when Jack drew the ace of spades
Running Elk just rolled his eyes, he smiled and passed away
Jack picked up his turquoise stones and cast them to the sky
He stared into the setting sun and then made a mournful cry

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: P. Rowan
Land of the Navajo lyrics © Sea Lion Music

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Thursday, April 8, 2021


So, I had in mind to go to the Taos steppe, but a little voice said, "That's a bit too far north; it's still winter up there." So, after passing through EspaƱola when I saw the sign for Abiquiu I made a u-turn and went. It was only a few miles over to the other highway and soon I was in the land of Georgia O'Keefe. Pedernal, the prominent peak in the area, has a pretty ring of snow around its neck and the Jemez mountains -- on the distant horizon the south -- are snow-capped. If you look closely at the image below, you can (barely) see 'em.


Last Fall I had difficulty breathing at 6,800 feet of elevation. This patch of snow was somewhere around 7,500+ and thanks to the meds, I'm doing okay. I wasn't gonna run anywhere, but I could walk a bit. It's interesting watching one's self adapt to the limitations; it taking some head-work to accept that I can't run anymore.

I remember a conversation several years ago with a guy whose comment on my lifestyle was, "You must not have any health issues." At the time I didn't. Now I know what he was saying. I have to be back Monday to meet with the eye doc on Tuesday...about the hole in my left cornea.

Blah, blah, blah. It's a blog...a web log. A handy reminder. Not for your "reading pleasure."

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Short Break From ABQ

North to the Taos steppe. It covers a goodly portion of the area on either side of the Rio Grande Gorge and west therof. 

It's gentle undulations are unattractive to the hoi-polloi, thus providing, mostly, the thousands of acres to me. 

I'll return the 12th to attend an eye appointment of Tuesday the 13th. That gives me a full week of R & R.

The hole in the cornea of the left eye is taking its sweet time scarring over, but it's happening. Dr. Davis is the head of the Fellowship training program (scroll down) for cornea transplants and related surgeries and he "gets" the trip: intermittent micro-doses of LSD along with regular doses -- every two hours --  of opthalmic antibiotic followed by fake tears.

Heavy, Maaaannn

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Crossing The Rubicon

Excerpted from Wiki: According to Suetonius (Roman historian), Caesar uttered the famous phrase alea iacta est ("the die is cast").[2] The phrase "crossing the Rubicon" has survived to refer to any individual or group committing itself irrevocably to a risky or revolutionary course of action, similar to the modern phrase "passing the point of no return." Caesar's decision for swift action forced Pompey, the consuls and a large part of the Roman Senate to flee Rome in fear. Caesar's subsequent victory in Caesar's civil war ensured that punishment for the infraction would never be rendered. This took place during the time of the Roman Republic.

Xrossing The Rubicon

With my "dimensionality," I'm waddling across

The Rubicon is also a 4wd trail in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Renowned as challenging, Jeep (now owned by Stellantis N.V. and headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) as a marketing ploy, named a version of its Wrangler Rubicon

The Rubicon Trail

Donchyuh jus' LUV drivin' more than ennythin' else in duh woild?

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Margot Synopsizes

Her books are in my library in Phoebe so since I'm "indoors" at the moment I went to Youtube.

I found it interesting that she, like me, (17:38) wanted to find a way to convey her "findings" to others. I felt if I could find a way to uncover the pea under the mattress, then I could save some others a lot of time.

At 10:35 she mentions, in conjunction with her "three keys to pleasure" the use of voice to communicate with her partner. This is an aspect she puts particular emphasis on in her books and is obviously carried into her teachings as Lokita & her husband also talk about using the voice in their videos. But sometimes the voice can get add a dimension of pandering to what we think our partner expects and it can be productive to agree to remain quiet. 

13:00 - her formula: Choose with awareness what brings you joy and it will open the door to your spirit.  

11:20 - It's a matter of choice....for healthy folks who don't have PTSD. 
16:10 - When people were still civilized...and had time.

16:36 - When a woman can go all the way to the very end...THAT's when she discovers her power!

At 18:24 - She describes bringing it up from the genitals to the heart and the melting into one.  

Determining success....

Then, at 25:15 - What we, you and I, have accomplished. 
What fruits did the tree bear?
What have they produced?
What are the people around them saying?
How did they benefit from their work?

Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Below is the email I received from Richard Avocet. I placed an order this morning, 31, March, 2021.

Some things about placing an order...

Once you've added the item to your cart it's necessary to click on the cart -- in the upper right of the page -- to continue to the payment section.

When filling in your phone number on the first "page," don't put hyphens between the numbers. If you do, you'll see a message saying "REQUIRED FIELD."

Perhaps it's because I'm in New Mexico, but there was only one shipping option: DHL. It costs $49.95.

The payment section for shipping would not accept my Mastercard and I had to use Paypal.

The same thing happened when I tried to pay for the cartridge, the program would not accept my Mastercard; VISA went through.

Good Luck!

Below is Richard's email message...

Now that the new device is in the warehouse, ready to ship, and the website is successfully processing orders, I'm relieved to be sending this long-delayed announcement.
Anyone who would like to purchase the revised ReBreather is welcome to visit or have sufficient inventory to fill all orders. 

The price is $190 (with Nevada sales tax being charged for all U.S. buyers). Shipments will be handled through DHL in virtually all cases, but in some instances UPS will be used as a substitute. (Deliveries will be MUCH faster than before with packages being shipped without the delays we experienced last year.)

For those who want to know if they need to buy the new version, the answer is simple: the original ReBreather will work as well as the new version. But you will need to be more vigilant with the original in checking for possible leaks prior to use. For those who want to know if the new version is better, the answer is yes. It's a better design, more resistant to possible leaks, has a better one-way valve, and most important, it seals the canisters of soda lime in separate barrier bags which permits immediate access to the rest of the components. This will allow you to practice using the mask and chin strap any time you wish. And practice is what allows you to learn how to get an airtight seal between the mask and your face.

There are some links and notices that the web developer is still working on, but those tasks won't interfere with processing your orders. Just be aware that the selling price does not include any customs duties or related fees that may be charged when you import the ReBreather. (Any such costs will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.)

I know that many of you will have questions or comments, but please give me time to work through the avalanche of messages that this announcement may bring. Most of my time in the next month will be spent monitoring orders and making sure the warehouse is moving expeditiously to process and ship those orders. That will not leave me as much time as I would like to respond to your messages.