Tuesday, February 27, 2018

When You Get Up Early

This is what you get when you have an Apple smartphone and get up early.

Fortunately, I don't mind living, at least in *some* ways, vicariously.

Some have said I'm bragging.
It's true. ; - )

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Audrey's Estate

It's eight acres backed by National Forest. Javelinas and deer roam the wilds. Audrey says there are 500 bears!

The main house is over 3,200 square feet with the guest cottage at 1,200. Both are art installations. 

Sculptures in the yard....

 Many photos here (on FLickr).

Monday, February 19, 2018

Portal, Arizona

The Chiricahuas present a formidable front. When we asked about road conditions through to the National Monument, we were delighted to hear of lions and tigers and bears!! The other two couples took their advice.  Hurrayy, Fewer people!

After checking the Friends of the Library book store we headed up the hill to find Audrey's estate.

Click here for a great shot of The Portal on Rolling Steel Tent's blog.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Capri Truck Camper

It'd been years since I was in Texas. In 2010 I hauled the fambly airlooms to my brother's ranch outside Austin. He claimed they (wife and three children) survive cuz Austin's an enclave surrounded by Texas.

Passing through El Paso it looked the same - an ennui-inducing wasteland of tattoo parlors, nail salons and purveyers of fast-cash.  The only fond memory I could dredge, way back in 1968, was of the ten-dollar, three-finger lids.

In Bluff Dale, we enjoyed meeting the folks and hearing how they'd, in the four years since they'd bought the company, brought it up from a production rate of one every three weeks, to three units a week. Orders are now backed up for several months.

On Yer Marks!!!


Smart-lookin' Ride

From bunk

From door

After installation we vaulted to the saddle an' high-tailed it the way we'd come -- a heretical act justified by the unbelievable condition/fact that every square inch of Texas is privately owned with NO dispersed camping.

On the Way to Bluff Dale, Texas

We stopped in Kent to see what it looked like. There were a number of FedEx trucks confabbing and a few abandoned houses. This one stood out.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Danger Lurks!

Somewhere, no doubt. But the Border Patrol guy said he hadn't seen any drug runners for decades. And, he added, the illegals don't wanna be seen so they keep to themselves; at least on the low road along the border of Mexico.

There was more traffic than I expected, but the weather was perfect. At about the 40-mile-point, SW of Sierra Vista, you get to decide whether to go north to Patagonia or continue west to Nogales.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Mongol Rally 2018


A few days ago an email appeared...

On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 5:55 PM, Joseph Ambrosich wrote:
My girlfriend and I have recently decided to do the Mongol rally. If you are unfamiliar it is a car rally from Prague to Mongolia. It must be completed in a car with less than 1000cc. For Americans this means the geo metro is a prime choice. I saw that you lived in yours and the rally is self supported. Any tips or setup advice to sleep in the car would be awesome. 


I replied and today, Tuesday, January 23, Joe sent the URL for their website.


Link to "The Team," Joe and Emily

Good Luck!!!


2014 Team Rust & Dust



You may have guessed, but these are genuinely dangerous things to do.
The website is written in a light-hearted fashion but you cannot overestimate the risks involved in taking part in these adventures.
Your chances of being seriously injured or dying as a result of taking part are high. Individuals who have taken part in the past have been permanently disfigured, seriously disabled or lost their life.
These are not holidays. These are adventures and so by their very nature extremely risky.
You really are putting both your health and life at risk.
That's the whole point.