Saturday, September 7, 2013

Whispering Pines Motel & Market

One of the great things about aimless wandering is having all the time in the world. So when Sheila began telling me about her transition from corporate consultant to Motel Proprietress, I got out the half-a-beer I'd saved from the evening before and settled in.

Her folks were business turnaround specialists; thus, when she found herself job hunting in Portland she decided to follow the family tradition.

At the corner of highway 138 and 97, Whispering Pines Motel & Market is bounded by National Forest and is the nearest accommodations (and store) to the north entrance to Crater Lake National Park. It's also a great staging site for the snow parks (snowmobiling) between Klamath Falls and Bend. 

Can opener!!!

And there's Cat. As gracious as any host you'd ever want to meet, his fur's as soft as a powerpuff! I'll warn yuh tho', he's a tough negotiator when it comes to photo royalties.

The New York strip steaks are superb! And don't forget the Zotz!!!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Marilyn Hoffman Leaps into Reality

non-representation reality, no less.

Is it an intrinsic element of being an artist that enables them to embrace change? Where do they find the Courage to Create?

After one conversation, albeit lengthy (is there any other kind with MFH?), Marilyn Hoffman leapt from the cliff of abstraction  and threw herself headlong into non-representation. And it was/is sublime.

You'll have to go by and visit her to see it. I was so startled I forgot to take photos. Her work is in The Main Street Artists Gallery and in the  Capitol Arts Gallery, both in Quincy, CA. Her contact info is available at each.

The one she's holding is recent, but her newest is a masterpiece!!!