Friday, December 7, 2012

White Mountains - California & Nevada

Peace and Quiet

I spent the past few weeks savoring the last of Fall in the White Mountains near the California-Nevada border.

The West side, a few miles north of Benton, California (photo above) is about the northern limit of the Joshua Tree. With few people, no trees to obscure the view or mar the silence with soughing boughs, and no friggin' babblin' brooks neither, the place is almost quiet. An occasional plane disrupts, but I've only recently begun exploring and still have hope of finding the perfect spot.

From Highway 264 on the East side

It got cold so I moved to the East side where elevations are a bit lower. Here, I came upon some major mining trash. I admit I admired the cutting torch crafting at the ends of the ore cart rails. Were they to tip and empty the cart?

Ore Cart Rails

Hand Crafting?

It was quite pleasant (warmer) a few miles south of Dyer, Nevada. This sculpture was on the road to The Global Stewardship Foundation.

Art is Where You Find It

Then, once again, winter descended. A cold wuss, I took the temperature drop personally and headed south.

White Mountains From Dyer, Nevada

The bright yellow areas at the bottom were actually bright blue.

This sunset was a parting gift. I guess clouds can, on occasion, contribute.

I've stopped over in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a bit of administrative tidying-up: vehicle registration and such. Then back to chasing the warmth...further South.

Supposedly, Spring'll come again.