Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wild Thing - Troggs

The only redeeming thing abt being in ABQ, other than being with MDC (day after tomorrow is her birthday!!), is streaming music over the wifi.

Oh yeah....and there's stuff to buy. I think I may have found a tent. I DID get my Camptrails Freighter backpack out of storage. I'd forgotten it's ORANGE!

It was a thrift-store find priced at $15.00. Lucky Herrmann happened in on half off day. The dangling rope looks pretty sophisticated; anyone speculate on its use?

Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Plague of Nutrias

The decimation of a field of Pie...a sure sign of Nutrias!

Some 20 years or so ago, Michelle noticed the mention of nutrias in tales by James Lee Burke. With her proclivity for parody, she put together a portrait which we adopted much the way the LGBTQ-WXYZ community now generalizes themselves as "queer." 

Their long, yellow teeth indicative of a dietary staple --- pumpkin pie --- their dimensionality a direct result of their inclination to "mow through" a dozen (or two) doughnuts, quarts of ice cream, Mexican Food and anything else with a preponderance of fat and sugar COMBINED with a languid and lethargic lifestyle given to naaaaaps (like cats) fits us perfectly.

Scroll down in this post to see a card with a drawing (by me).

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving in ABQ

Maybe one of you recognizes this image?

Perhaps they're discussing *their* crown jewels?

It captures the feeling of the times.

But hey!! Lookit whut Trump done....

Pale Blue Eyes

Friday, November 16, 2018

This May Be the Last Time

Arrived Abq 11/16/18.

God, what a shit hole. The most Walmarts per capita.

I've been trying to get Ms. Cook to leave for over 20 years. Her birthday is December 1st, the same day we'll attend the Recycled Art Fair in Santa Fe. I plan to leave the 3rd.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, oh dear goddess, Please don't let anything keep me longer!!!

There are a few good movies at The Guild Cinema.

At dinner with Michelle 11/17/18.

Friday, November 9, 2018

A Walk Through Time - Ajo Arizona

In the Ajo Plaza - Not that you'd EVER guess from looking ---

to the left of The Market (Yes, there's a market!) are Art Under the Arches Gallery where I found the work of Carmel Anderson and, across the hall, directly in front of the white mini, stationwagon, A Walk Through Time...Ajo where Lorraine Eiler will preside through April 2019.

She is parting with her personal collection from over fifty years. Her prices are low enough even *I* could afford something.

Please tell her hello for me.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Racemaster Gary & Driver Russ

Exploring a sideroad, I came upon some SERIOUS treadmarks.

A bit farther sat the culprit.

Russ had recently acquired the Camaro and Racemaster Gary, a veteran from the days of Big Daddy Don Garlits and solid axles, was helping him put it through its paces.

Gary analyzes the tracks...

Tire Preschoor und Trakschon, Yah!

Laying it down