Wednesday, February 26, 2014

INYENYERI - Helping to Keep The Home-Fires Burning

I do everything on a propane-fired two-burner with a refillable one gallon tank. This is good since I frequently camp in the desert where wood is a major player in the multi-millenium soil-development process. But I've met folks who have issues with propane. So, when I ran across these two stoves I decided it was time to break the vow-of-silence and.....

Eric Reynolds, one of the founders of Marmot Mountain LLC (backpacking gear) is the founder and Executive Director of INYENYERI. Mr. Reynold's thinks things would be better in Rwanda if there were more trees. Trees are the main source of cooking fuel and indoor pollution (wood smoke).

INYENYERI is Eric's "wild, big dream" to help create a more efficient, healthful means of preparing meals. INYENYERI encourages people to exchange dry bio-mass (such as chaff from winnowing and plant stalks) for burnable pellets. INYENYERI takes the dri-mass, converts it to pellets which it sells to city folk who otherwise would buy charcoal (made from trees) to cook with. The pellets are cheaper so INYENYERI's market share is expanding. Here's an interview with Mr. Reynolds about how it all got started.

This link is to the INYENYERI site's videos.

Here's a Youtube vid of the Philips stove...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gerrmann Biker club

A female "elder" bin tinkin' 'bout joinin' zee local bikers' club.

Vun day she pluckt her chutzpah und knockt at zee clubhouse.

A beeg, hairy biker mit tatoos und ha'dvare answer.

She shout: "Ich vant to join zee club!!"

Zee biker ist amused und  'splains zat she must meet der criterionz.

Zee biker begins zee interrogayshunn "Habben Sie eine motorbike?"

Die Frau sagte dann (replies), "Yah!! Meine byke ist Parked ober Zer," (she points to a new sport-byke in zee drive.)

Zee biker zen asks, "Youse drink?"

"Yah, sez she, Ich trinkin' lak ah fish!! Gut, dark beer mostly, schnapps ven I shootin' zee pool. I trink effryvun in yer club unner der table!"

The biker, rising to the occasion, asks, "You schmoke?"

"Yah, schmoke lak uh chimbly," she sez. "Two dozen ganjah uh day....Kronik vin ich drinkin' der schnapps und shootin' zee pool."

By now der byker ist tinking 'bout der poten'shul und sez, "Last qvestshoon, "Hast Sie ebber bin pickt up by Der Fuzz?"

Der Vommin paused fur eine Sekondt, grinz und sez, "Nein!! Abbe ich bin svung round by mein nipplz now und den!!"

From The New Yorker magazine, p.47, July 20, 1998
Yah!!! Zo, Vat are Sie vaiting for?!!!! Plucken up Sie Fuzz und get knocken on zee door(s).