Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We emerged from our post-Gunnison (Colorado) meanders barely more than a minute north of Slumgullion Pass with a vague notion to connect with highway 50. Thus, we went north on highway 149 until Chance -- that kind-hearted devil -- put us on a popular overland route through the Uncompagre National Forest. 

A bee!!! A bee!!

Although many maps show 149 only going as far as Big Blue campground it does, in fact, continue around Sheep Mountain, past Big Cimmaron C.G. to emerge on highway 50 hardly more than a mile east of the hamlet of Cimarron.

Coming from 149, there's alot of private land on either side of the road afore you reach National Forest. But hit's uh purty drive an' d'road's suitable fer yer Ma's caddy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Franklin, perhaps?

I guess the nearby mine was lucrative. Franklins and vehicles of similar length weren't cheap.

In true white-guy surmisaling, I'm gonna say the wood framing -- at back of carriage, dates it around 1925. 

The guide for the hand crank.

Eggbert in the distance knows it's not how big you are, but what you do.

On the way to Lake City from Gunnison, Colorado.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Magic is Afoot - La Junta Point

My amazement is oft preceeded by skepticism and so it was as we wended our way through the steppe between the Gorge and the Taos mountains. 

But then, as the edge appeared through the juniper-pinyons, I saw that, once again, magic had been afoot.

There, below us, was the confluence of the Red River and the Rio Grande. Pictures only hint at the grandeur.

The Red River flowing in from the right

The Red River Valley

A closer view

The Rio Grande Gorge

 Camp, complete with shade.

The road is signed Not Suitable for Passenger Vehicles. There's no way to know whether to give credit to the warning, but it was nice to have it to ourselves.

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Sheltered Life - Las Vegas, New Mexico

I lead a sheltered life. 

Thus, as I wandered through Las Vegas (New Mexico) I was on the lookout for the gems of travel. Suddenly, there she was...going through the intersection right in front of me!! Tina doesn't usually let people take her picture, but...just this once. 

She's been riding for five years and her "starter" bike was a Yamaha SuperV 900. The Harley is, I think she said, a 1550. 

Just north of town, I spied this painting on the side of a long shed.

I'm not sure of the history of the Spiney Madonna, but the image is iconic New Mexico. You can clicken to enlargen and see the detail in her face.

It's great to be oot 'n' aboot again.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Advocates for the West -- Canyon of the Ancients

I'm apolitical, but appreciate the work of these folks. Mostly attorneys, they exemplify the fine art of argument.

The case below, filed on behalf of these organizations and people:  Great Old Broads for WildernessGrand Canyon TrustWestern Watersheds ProjectWildEarth GuardiansNatural Resources Defense CouncilWildLands DefenseThomas L. Fleischner, and the Sierra Club 

is an excellent example -- In My Esteemed Opinion (IMEO) -- of what Advocates for the West does best. That is...take on an organization (BLM) that lambastes everyone to LEAVE NO TRACE!!! while not just allowing but FURTHERING the destruction of an area (Canyon of the Ancients National Monument) purported to contain more ancient Native American "sites" than any other place on the planet.

Please consider supporting them.

8/28/15 - I spent two days in Santa Fe in support of wolf recovery and opposing trapping of bears and cougars. It was a real eye opener to watch the State Game Commission completely ignore the wishes of thousands of New Mexicans who've emailed, phoned and attended many meetings to oppose the use of trap and snares to hunt cougars and bears. Not only did they vote to raise the number of animals that can be killed, but to now allow trapping and snaring State lands. Given this kind of blatant disregard, I see no way to implement the majorities' wishes other than through legal action.