Monday, April 27, 2015

Berieselt mit Katzenminze

I take pride in having few principles, but was forced to compromise when Roscoe had to be put to sleep. Though I've lost friends and lovers over the years, I've only attended the cats' funerals.

Like most, he had his his love of vaseline. We'd proffer it as dessert; a delicacy he enjoyed to the last. Thus, the bottle in the left. 

His penchant for pens got him dubbed a Pentab. With it between his teeth his eyes would glaze over with ferality and he'd remove to his lair; he was partial to Papermates.

Unsere Tränen fließen, als wir nach 16 jahren ein Familienmitglied zu seiner letzten Ruhe geleiten.
Er brachte so viel Freude in unsere Leben und half uns bei einigen Kämpfen Weihnachtsbänder zu entwirren. Er war ein großer Beschützer vor Eindringlingen, die in unseren Garten pinkeln wollten und erinnerte mich oft daran, den Herd auszustellen, wenn ich es wieder mal vergessen hatte. Er war ein Federnliebhaber und behielt auch sein ruhiges Gemüt bei schwersten Liebkosungen. (Translated by Judith Herrmann am Bad Kreuznach.)

The tears flow as we lay to rest a family member after 16 years. He brought much joy to our lives and helped us through many struggles with Christmas ribbon. He was a great protector from interlopers who wanted to pee in our yard and often reminded me when I had forgotten to turn off the stove. He was a fine leaper at feathers and always maintained his cool even in the face of severe cuddling.

David Buchanan, one of Michelle's cat-sitting clients, expressed it perfectly, "They are our friends, our playmates, our companions, our comfort, our alarm-clocks, our angst, our joy."

December 2013 - 13 yrs
                                                                                                                             December 1998
                                                         Roscoe at eight weeks.
                                                                I was almost 47.
He gave us a reason to love.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Comb Wash, Utah

Made famous by Edward Abbey, I wandered in from the north side. The sand/clay gets deep enough to prompt Eggbert to considerations of high-centering, but momentum carried the day.

Looking North.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Shelter From The Storm

And the rains came. The view changed every few minutes so there was no lack of entertainment.

Somewhat self-consciously usurping the best seat in the house, I sat my ground for two days. In that time several interesting folks surmounted the intimidation factor and stopped to partake of the view. The first, a Norwegian Instructional Technologies (IT) specialist (John Petter Hagen) attending a conference in Las Vegas, said it all when he enthusiastically emoted: "It takes your breath away!!" We commiserated on the depredations caused by livestock. He said they have similar problems with reindeer.

The couple from Wales were vanning it and equally effusive. It's always great to meet folks whose appreciation rivals my own...and she has a sister who's an artist. Quickly employing today's technology, she whupped out her tablet and showed me some of her work. It was good enough to excite my dormant Marketeering desires. Of course it was hard to ignore the first image: multiple nude females cavorting in Matisse-esque postures with a lush and equally sensual landscape.

And last but by no means least was the man from Zurich. He was on a Suzuki motorcycle and imparted his knowledge of tires. I learned about road versus offroad pattern ratios and got to use some of my vestigial German.

But I needed shelter in which to cook. There've been a couple of occasions when I created shade, but this was my first attempt to fend off it took a while. Of course, one of the advantages of the lifestyle is the like, total disregard for expediency. As it happened, the result was better than anticipated. I was so pleased I felt compelled to THOROuGHLY document it.

Though impressed by my creativity, I later swapped the rake for a five-gallon jug.

Port side ties went to the radio antennae and the hub caps. The antennae served as a centering device with a secondary guy to the rear-view mirror taking the "weight."

Ensconced -- that's the coffeepot on the right burner. Yes, it's cowboy coffee. And it does a right fine job of growin' yer nose hare. The propane tank hails from Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon where a kindly dealer traded me straight across for my backyard grill behemoth.

This fine photo was taken by John Petter Hagen an avid photographer with a superb collection on Flickr.

And then one day you look in the mirror and wonder, "How'd I get so old....and phat?"

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cedar Mesa, Utah

I spent the past week roaming the area west by northwest of Blanding and Bluff. Road conditions vary with many having extended sections of what appears to be sand but is, in fact, clay.

When it gets damp it becomes slippery; and when it gets wet it forms a thick, impassable gumbo. 

I was camped near The Twist on Hole-in-the-Rock Rd when clouds started to gather. It meant leaving sooner than planned, but after an all-night rain the next evening I was glad I'd made the decision. I could move about in The Valley of The Gods without having ten pounds of mud on my feet (see next post).

For those unfamiliar, Cedar Mesa is said to have more archeological sites than anywhere else in the world. And this is the best time of year to visit. By the end of next month daytime temperatures will average 35 degrees centigrade and higher (upper nineties).

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hobb's Wash

The dome rock on the west side of Butler Wash 

includes a smaller tributary "discovered" by George Hobbs & friends one evening in the late 1800s when he was scouting a route for some Mormons. 

The view of Butler Wash can't be captured, esp with a camera that is fast-failing. Hopefully this'll be enough tuh incline yuh tuh go see fer yerse'f.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Laguna Pueblo Arts Center

Next time you're on interstate 40 about forty miles West of Albuquerque, you may wanna stop at the Laguna Indian Arts Center of New Laguna Pueblo. They have some excellent Kachinas (including a few contemporary ones wearing tennis shoes), jewelry (there are/were a couple of money clips that are especially good deals) and much more...all of which is authentic, Native American crafted work.

Watch for the Laguna Burger exit and follow old route 66 about a New York block past the gas station. The Center sits back from the highway a little. The window at the left end (with the awning) is where they dispense the fry-bread.

It's family owned and operated. If you go, please say hi to Dom (short for Dominic) for me. And don't hesitate to engage with him or his friends on topics of discussion; the place is a hot-bed of debate.