Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home On The Range

I had been on the road to Canada about a week (summer 2010) when I stopped for the night on a Wyoming mesa. The dirt road was a county connector between "highways."

I drove off-road (apologizing PROFUSELY to the plants) to be out of range of headlights in the night. I was reading when I noticed the light had changed. I looked up to see a magnificent sunset streaming o'er low clouds.

To the east, a squall advanced. The sun worked its magic.

As the storm moved closer the rain raised puffs of dust. Then, a complete, end-to-end double rainbow formed.

The light kept changing. (Different from traffic lights.)

The other end.

As the clouds dispersed the cerule peeked from behind and I knew, once again, I'd found my way home.