Monday, May 14, 2018

Camino de Suenos - New Mexico

One HAS to surmise that with the surname of Reiche, that Greg has SOME genetic qualification for the grandiose. But who knows?

Photos by M. Cook

There are similarities between the 30-foot-tall (9.14 m) and the block-like forms of the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. I find it interesting that conquerors would so quickly adopt architectural styles of a people (Aztec/Inca) they apparently felt were, apart from their gold, useless.

Inscribed on the narrow wall of the crotch is this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."

(Emerson was an inveterate arm-chair traveler so you gotta consider the source.)

Cook saw it as a pair of unzipped pants.

The sculpture also brought to mind a monograph published during my tenure at UNM Press: Las Carneradas: Sheep Trade in New Mexico 1700 - 1860. It describes how the Spaniards brought, as food for their journey, hundreds of thousands of sheep. The landscape was so severely impacted it's speculated it will evolve rather than recover. Much of the land to the east and south is part  of the Armendaris Ranch, owned by Ted Turner.

West-facing side

If you've read Sophocles the Hyena by Jim Moran - a tale of Morris the cat on his way to cat-school - you may recall Ralph-Ralph, the dog, who carries in his pocket a bit of green glass. As each new friend joins the group he brings it out to show announcing, "It's the only nice thing I've ever owned."

I have yet to make it the five miles down to the Visitor Center (closed until further notice.) But inquiring minds wonder at the influence wielded to obtain funding for such an out-of-the-way project?

More about Turner and the Armendaris. There are also, of course, Youtube vids.


Every time I pull a box off my roof I admire the custom-made rack. There are a couple more (boxes) inside and several pieces of luggage with clothes and other stuff. But I keep a close eye on what's useful and quickly jettison that which ain't. (Gotta hav room 4 the art, dontchya know.)

Thus, while strolling downtown Silver, I indulged a bit of satisfaction when I spotted  THESE folks' rigs. Of course, they're probably a polyamourus family with multitudes of children, animals and other responsibilities.

Still, I paused to savor the fact that MINE all fits inside and on top; no need for a tag-along.

(The dog, was, I surmise, speculating on the tires and trajectory.)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Jean-Robert P. Béffort - Silver City Artist

"Go to A Space," they all said. We found a phone number on the Silver City Art Asocciation's website. He IS on Facebook.

Jean Robert Beffort (pronounced Bay-four), with an accent over the e, French-Canadian via Montana (Here's a short biography) said he'd be there.

Once a car dealership, it's now a gallery, studio, performance space with an area called Art-On-A-Stick where even YOU can partake impromptu.

Back When Tee-Vees came enclosed in wood.

The blue ball is wound ethernet cable. It weighs over 400 pounds.

There's a stage

Videos on his Facebook Page:

The link below is from Facebook. It's of Dee Washburn performing "Super-Trucker."

Saturday, May 12, 2018

David Mulvenna, Silver City, New Mexico

In celebration of contractualizing our 26-year marriage (we got legally hitched in January), Michelle and I are spending a few days together in Silver City.

Today we met David Mulvenna (, Fine Artist and Metalsmith. He gave us a tour of his home, the 16,000-square-foot former Elks Lodge.

David talks about a base for an elephant sculpture. It's too big to fit through the doorway so he's gonna take out a window. A fromer cop from Cleveland, Ohio, at age 70 he's contemplating his (estimated) fourth incarnation. Know anyone who wants a 16,000 square-foot project in Silver City?  

With Morgana, one of his cats.

(I was born in the Year of the Dragon. One side benign, the other fire-breathing.)

"Benign, my ass. You're an idiot."

An aphorism of his own

The building, a block long, includes Vicki's Eatery.

.Michelle acquired this bit of surreality while imbibing at Vicki's. Put it on REPEAT to glean the full effect. yer heart out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Los Padres National Forest - California

You can tell when a blogger's been busy. And nuthin' keeps me busier. See her in red at center right on her chaise.

That's Lopez Lake in the swale.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Kern River Valley, California

One sort of expects it with acid...the dissolution of comparatives...dissolving into oneness. I think I'm overdue for a dose.

I'd heard much about the beauty of the Kern River Valley. Also of bumper-to-bumper speed-demons hell-bent to get to the *next* event.

I was fortunate to discover a track up onto a beneficent hump of a hill where I made camp in the road. It was mid-April, traffic was light; no one came by.

The light played across the landscape, acrost the mountain's shoulders and o'er the verdance of its neighbors lying gently beside it. I thought of The Salmon River in Idaho, and The Rhine. To be sure, this rivulet has its own prettiness, but it pales beside nobility. I was, after all, raised in a Mercedes.

There's a pall of domesticity. The twitter of a bird does naught but lend to the air of a wasteland; one can imagine the trout on their ATVs, swilling Bud Light, getting fatter; safe for those who prefer "no surprises."

I paid homage to how my (vast) experience can cast a sepia tone over the now. Recognizing the immediacy lends itself to satisfaction, but it's hard to ignore the feeling that the choreography is proscribed. It's a husk; no animism and little numinosity. A sucrulosic anemia that'd appeal to fans of Thomas Kincaide. (FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE!!)

 I lasted two days.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Tres Alamos - North of Wickenburg

About halfway between Wickenburg and interstate 40 (up north) on highway 93, the Tres Alamos Wilderness beckoned. It's classic Mojave Desert. Beautiful in its starkness, especially when everything is celebrating Spring.

Has anyone ever captured the incredible lustre?!!

By mutual agreement, Yvonne and I cancelled our meetup.

I headed west.