Friday, November 20, 2020

For Posteriority

Over the years I've some places that I use as layovers when enroute from here to there. And though I sometimes camp in the same spot or nearby, I like to explore around each time to see what else there is. Don't you?

This time, just fifteen minutes from the previous night's camp, I wandered into an area rife with diversity: granite outcrops, plants untold, birds, including a red-tail hawk and, after sunset, an owl.

Although this is SO "typical, boring-blog photo," I took it to remind me that this is cat-claw country, a cousin of the African "wait-a-bit." AND, there are several kinds of yucca. In the right foreground you can see a Multi-stalk and in the left middle-ground a Giraffe-esque Yucca. And there, center-stage, trying not to look too proud, is a Scrub Oak. There're some cool stacked rocks out there too.


Interesting growth on either side of a crack

Closeup of interesting growth on either....

Fossil Labia

You just never know what's around the next bend.


  1. I like this post! these kinds are my favorite. many things; Can you give me a close-up of your cat-claw or are you saying the scrub oak looks like cat-claw? haha you know me I always keen to know the vegetation. And I also want to say, yes I too always look at labia in nature, to me there are many, more then pooperds or penises. Balls? I actually do not look for balls much.

    1. No, I didn't mean to say the Scrub Oak looks like cat-claw, just that there's a lot of cat-claw in that area.

      I'll try and get a close-up of cat-claw. I'm north of Tucson now and that was east of Tucson. I'm not sure if there's cat-claw around here.

    2. And Pooperds! Rare as hens' teeth!

  2. I'm so bad at seeing details around me. More of a big picture guy, I guess.

    1. So, could you reframe that as...

      "I'm really good at seeing the big picture; details, schmetails, who needs 'em?"