Saturday, October 17, 2020

Robert Motherwell - Process

 Departing Albuquerque to meet with She of the Capri all the while continuing intimate conversations with the one in Nevada, Michelle reminds me it's a new phase.

I had a strong commitment to disembarking -- I was sure I'd reached the "last stop." But it's continuing. And as strange as the changes feel, my curiosity is like a cat's.

From The Collected Writings of Robert Motherwell edited by Stephanie Terenzio:

"I begin a painting with a series of mistakes (psychic automatism, artful doodles).  The painting comes out of the correction of mistakes by feeling…ultimate unifications come about thru modulation of the surfaces by innumerable trials and errors…in a state of quickened subjectivity.”

“The artist is constantly … relating and rupturing relationships.  His task is to find a complex of qualities whose feeling is just right — veering towered the unknown and chaos, yet ordered and related in order to be apprehended.”

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