Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Salmon Falls Dam - 7 miles from Rogerson, Idaho

Be sure and stop at the Sinclair Station/Cafe/Store at Rogerson for some real food. The cafe also has tater-tots, but everyone was raving over the home-made roast beef. Unfortunately, I'd already had lunch. The Walleye Hall of Fame has some superb specimens and in the back there are photos of the dam before and during its uprising.

I had to walk it twice before driving. The sides of the road abutments have been scraped to the nub. There's an inconspicuous sign that warns of a length limit of 60 feet, but it's obvious it's a challenge for shorter rigs too. Note "The Egg" perched on the hill to the right of the block house.

It's one lane atop the dam.

There's lots of dispersed camping beyond Lud Drexler Campground (the campground is on the south side of the dam). No water at the campground. 

Spring is just around the corner. This one flower was the lone harbinger at my camp (NOT in the campground).

It's blizzarding in Wells, NV with horizontal snow at 4:15 p.m. PDT. Wind gusts 40 knots. Who'd uh thunk? Southward ho!!

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