Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Bloom - Grafton Wilderness, Nevada

I stopped in at the Grafton Wilderness for a couple of days on my southward-seeking-Spring odyssey.

When I first read about "Spring blooms" somehow, maybe from Arizona Highways Magazine, I created a vision of wide swaths, blossom carpets stretchin' out faar & wiide; bees buzzin' in drunken revel and Tiny Tim's yodel echoing off the verdant hills. Not quite like's still pretty awesome (dood!).

Stalks, or whatever these are called, are, I've heard, important to identification.

Here's the flower (I can see Clleeeeaaaaarrrllyy's fuzzy.)...

Some of these had more than one "bud."

This shot looks as if it could be from one of those hybrid marijuana catalogues, doesn't it? You didn't inhale?! Too bad.

The reality is a bit sparser (than blanketed carpets), but still some awesome specimens. Can anyone help with identification? I'm beginning, now at age 61, to relent to the idea that MAYBE I could call them something besides LPFs or LYFs (li'l purple or yellow flowers). 

A spurge? (at least it's in focus.)

I've dubbed these Teensy Reds. It probly won't hold up in the Long Branch Saloon (most violent bar in Riggins, Idaho if not ALL of Idaho), but I think Tiny would have been appreciative.

Teensy Reds up close....

This camera's (Olympus SP-600UZ) had a few scrapes over the years. The worst, from which it never really recovered, was when my belay slipped on my '09 ascent of Granite Dome and I fell on it.

Then there was The Chorus....

And the Yellow Star....

Another spurge?

The yellow ones.....

Some White Whatevers

The paintbrush were in profusion; a bouquet every 20 feet, at least. Amazing color even with overcast.

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