Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Once In a Great While...

After leaving Tenasket, I started looking for a place to camp. While ascending (yesterday it was during the descent) a  steep hill, I realized I'd forgotten to get water. I began thinking I needed a well or a spring. Suddenly, The Father's Ranch appeared.

Founded by Craig and Sharon Loftus twleve years ago, it's a rehabilitation center for women. Craig greeted me and immediately led me to the spigot where he filled the jugs. A young man brought a case of Walmart water bottles and though I tried to decline (I don't like the waste of plastic) they joined the five-gallon jugs in the back. 

The Center is completely supported by donations, so if you're looking for a worthy cause, this could be the one. (As a devout agnostic, this will likely be the only mention of christians you'll find here. But as they say: one good turn deserves another.)

When I asked about a place to camp Craig directed me to Bonaparte Lake five miles up the road. There I found a secluded road with turkeys, ducks and geese and no need for earplugs. Every now and then even a christian can be helpful.

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