Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why Don't We Do It In the Road?

Strolling the two-tracks near Bonaparte Lake I chanced upon a variety of scats, thereby proving they don't do it in "the woods." 


Isn't this a great "location" shot?

The white inclusions in the pointed piece in the middle-top are bones.

Yet another kind....

The inspiration.


Art said...

I enjoy your blog and comments. In regards to this post I'd say I enjoyed your shit, too. Bogged down by life, far too many possessions and attachments I'm quite jealous of your meandering and perspectives.

MFH said...


Thanks for commenting. As you're likely aware, it's impossible to tell how many folks read this let alone, dare I say, find it amusing. I was astonished at the wildlife at Bonaparte Lake. Only in the Yukon (2010) did I encounter/see as much. A beautiful place, but too many trees for me. I recommend it if you're in the neighborhood. Forewarned, there isn't much dispersed camping.