Saturday, February 14, 2015

Backpack on Wheels

I enjoyed hitch-hiking and backpacking in my youth but was, on occasion, stymied by distances into the wilds where water was scarce. 

By retirement, the solution had appeared...a backpack on wheels. And although my choice is more a matter of aesthetic, when I read this article I had to nod in agreement. 


Outstanding in His Field!!

1999 Chevrolet Metro 3 cylinder five-speed. 217,256 miles. With street tires mileage varied from 43.7 - 51.2 mpg depending on load and prevailing winds. Now, at max GVW and with snow tires (much better traction) he gets a rock-solid 40.0.  

Lately, I've gotten even MORE a.r. (anal retentive) and began using the Ferrari method for warmup: let run for one minute; switch off for one minute then idle to operating temp. His latest set of shoes, Cooper Weathermaster ST/2, have been the best so far.

Demise: On or around May 2, 2016 I made my first mistake in over 45 years when I turned in front of an oncoming Dodge RAM 2500. We were in a residential neighborhood going slow so no one was hurt, but Eggbert's right side was crushed beyond repair. After driving him back to Albuquerque, I donated him to the Make a Wish Foundation. The proceeds of his sale will benefit the New Mexico Chapter.


Jozien Keijzer said...

i love it where it took you

Andy Lilienthal said...

I love the Metro! It just goes to show you don't have to have a giant car to get out there and explore. I run a blogger site called Subcompact Culture, which is all about small cars. Check it out!

Love your blog; keep up the great work.


MFH said...


I've been pleased with the Metro so at 204k+. As you advise on your blog, I keep it well-maintained. Unfortunately, I've reached the age where I can't remember how to put things back together so I rarely do more than change the air filter and the oil. Thanks for the hedz-up on your site. Looks like a lot of interesting information.