Monday, April 14, 2014

Peter Everly - Chesaw, Washington Surrealist

Although there was no indication of what was to come, the descent into Chesaw was so steep it caught my attention. But out beyond the "town" (the link above has photos) there was little of interest. Deciding I'd rather be further south and in anticipation of the ascent of the  prev-noted hill, I dumped my water and stopped at The Merc (short for Mercantile) to inquire about art.

I strode in exuding my best "former art dealer comes to town" and was quickly made welcome at the roundtable where Sandee and Bill Everly, the owners, and a woman named Roe who had a left-handed sidearm that might have been an auto 45, were wiling away the afternoon.

When I asked where all the fine art was, Bill gestured broadly, pointing out the paintings by his brother Pete. After chatting a bit, Bill phoned Pete who met me on the road and guided me to an exhibit of his paintings in Tonasket.

Peter was well-known in his day in San Diego and along with having made a living selling his work (a rare accomplishment) had a couple of New-age bookcovers to his credit.

Second Coming

Now retired, he was enjoying his leisure. Although he said he'd never had a teddy bear, "The Second Coming" was his favorite.


ken keegan said...

Please say hello for me to Peter if you see him. When I arrived from New York to Ocean Beach, San Diego... one of the first and finest murals I saw was by Peter in the old People's Food Store. It was wonderful. I still paint murals and one that Peter was inspirational in... is still there in Ocean Beach. Glad to see he still paints his positive, beautiful paintings. Ken Keegan

Joyce watkins said... good to see you are alive and joyce

MFH said...

Joyce, It's been a year and a half since I saw Peter. Although he seemed in good health, you may want to try writing to him care-of the Chesaw Mercantile. It was there I met Bill, his brother who put me in touch with Peter. The Merc's address and phone number (from Google):

2035 Chesaw Rd, Oroville, WA 98844 Phone:(509) 485-2268

Thanks for stopping by.