Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Short Break From ABQ

North to the Taos steppe. It covers a goodly portion of the area on either side of the Rio Grande Gorge and west therof. 

It's gentle undulations are unattractive to the hoi-polloi, thus providing, mostly, the thousands of acres to me. 

I'll return the 12th to attend an eye appointment of Tuesday the 13th. That gives me a full week of R & R.

The hole in the cornea of the left eye is taking its sweet time scarring over, but it's happening. Dr. Davis is the head of the Fellowship training program (scroll down) for cornea transplants and related surgeries and he "gets" the trip: intermittent micro-doses of LSD along with regular doses -- every two hours --  of opthalmic antibiotic followed by fake tears.

Heavy, Maaaannn

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  1. Beautiful earth and skies. Enjoy your R&R. We are contemplating life and death from the banks of the Mississippi.