Thursday, January 3, 2019

Palm Springs Art Museum - Unsettled

An incredible place!! FREE on Thursdays from 4 - 8 pm and the second Sunday (all day).

There are three locations. This is the one near downtown at 101 Museum Drive.

A glass exhibit titled: Favorite Things

Reminiscent of Sophocles and the Hyena. Ralph-ralph the dog shows off his piece of green glass and asserts, "It's the finest thing I've ever owned."

About the artist

The installation -- juxtaposition of pieces -- was a whole 'nother experience.

One of a few figurative pieces in the glass exhibit. There were four sets of figures. These had the earthiess color; the others being more cartoon-like. I like the "articulation" of their nipples.

A piece from their permanent collection: Centaur by Dmitri Hadzi

About the artist

It wasn't clear if this was part of the Unsettled exhibit, but  in all my 40+ years in the Southwest this is the first time I've seen a rabbit-fur blanket.

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  1. The building heads triology, remind me of an acid trip I had once. Yes, your right on, GREAT MILK BAG VALVES.