Sunday, January 6, 2019

Bombay Beach & Beyond - Salton Sea

Perhaps, whilst traversing north to south on the west side of The Accidental Sea, you've noticed the wind blowing eastward. Surmisaling the stink predominates Over There, I'd avoided the east bank. But, being a cat-man, my curiosity was killing me.

Perhaps it was luck of the day, but there was no breeze. And though I made a special trip to the shore at The Salton Sea Recreation Area (actually a state park) to test the odour and yes, it's definitely still there, the surreality of it all is worth the trip, at least if it's calm, as it was that day.

Next door to Skip's grocery is this nice mural.

Down the street is the North Shore Yacht Club Community Center.

And right next to it, helping keep real estate prices affordable, is this grafittied remnant.

Across the street from the Yacht Club, less than half a block from some boarded-up homes, is this sign.

The State Recreation Area has a nice Visitors' Center, but this is it; several shade structures and some aging asphalt. Out of view to the left are a series of park-platzes und plugins fur das Motorhomes. A few palms separate their spots from the vista area.

Bombay Beach offered a bit more entertainment.  There were a few occupied homes but this one's trailer addition caught my eye. There were numerous evidences, such as this neighbor's attempt at embellishing with a  planter-boat, that leant poignancy to the "experience."

One place had some interesting cars.

And this faded-pink church with lighthouse-esque roof almost evoked a maritime Arrggggg, Matey!

There IS a store in Bombay Beach. I bought the only dozen eggs, but left the chicken-parts bologna for you. The bar advertises as the lowest in the western hemisphere. I almmosst went in.  But nahhh.


  1. From my visit there last year:

  2. Al's music on that video scared my dog. You've got my curiosity piqued for the bar. Based on the conspicuous lack of people in the photos, it might be a drink-alone place. Sometimes, that's not a bad thing.

    1. Hmmm, wonder what Callie thought?

      You'll have to go check it out...the bar, that is. I think they said it was 221 feet below sea level.

      Indeed, I enjoy drinking alone and quite happily toast the sunset, moon and stars and best of all....the quiet.

      Am enjoying the pages from your AT journal.