Monday, August 6, 2018

B.J. Bull Pasties and Pies - Elko, Nevada

We were both in our early twenties when we met. I, along with my new wife and daughter, had just moved to Albuquerque and Blair, still living with his parents, had the house across the street.

Well-educated, middle-class folks, they'd come from Chicago. Blair had been doing concrete work for several years and along with inheriting his parents height had added about 270 pounds of muscle.

He had a 1947 Indian (motorcycle) with an extended fork that his girlfriend drove while he, perched behind, played his banjo. They and a few other biker friends would drive down to Ruidoso or Hobbs to visit the Dairy Queen...just to have an excuse to ride.

Indian Chief - Steel Gray (2018)

So now, imagine yourself ensconced or upon a vehicle of similar cachet, in the company of someone whose presence delights, having saited your other desires and now in need of further inducement. B.J. Bull Pasties and Pies will, I guarantee, provide the satisfaction. In no way could this be characterized as an excuse; this is a DESTINATION!

A joint venture of two, the woman pictured, I didn't get her name, runs it. As you can see, it's spotless. And when I wandered in around 2:30, she was nearly sold out. So, plan accordingly.

Excerpted w/o permission from Google review: Pasties (pass-tees), nothing fancy just good pasties, Cornish miners introduced pasties to the mining communities, they are a meat pie able to be eaten by hand when working in the mines.) Similar to the knishes one finds in the delis of Shaker Heights, Ohio.

I enjoyed both the beef (with potato) and cabbage (I forget its other ingredients) pasties and bought the remaining bread pudding, an apple pie and a pecan pie, all three of perfect proportion. Never much of a bread-pudding fan, this one completely changed my attitude. The other two, as stated above, are guaranteed.

Thank god Indian revived. Now all you need is a driver and to tighten up your banjo riffs.


  1. I read the headline and thought it was about blow jobs, and pasties and pies made from bulls. Or bulls wearing pasties. Or something. It got me reading further.

  2. Al,

    Yes, one needs to be prepared...this IS Nevada, after all. I have yet to research the history of the business name, certainly, with all its ambiguities, worthy of a Master's thesis if not a Ph.D.

  3. Pasties are widely available in Michigan's U.P. Most have rutabaga as an ingredient. I love 'em and stocked up when a local church sold them as a fund raiser. Pasties freeze well. I did not know you could get them in Nevada. A plus for spending time in Nevada.

  4. Brewed Journey:

    Unfamiliar with the rutabaga, but currently being advised by Karen as to the evils of sugar & carbs, I googled the diff tween them (they?) and potatoes and got this:

    A 1-cup serving of boiled cubed rutabaga contains only 51 calories and 12 grams of carbohydrates, including 3.1 grams of fiber, making the net carbs 9 grams. The same amount of boiled potatoes contains 136 calories and 31 grams of carbohydrates, including 3 grams of fiber, which means 28.8 grams net carbs.

    Those Michigan pasties are far superior -- at least health-wise -- than the Nevadans. (of course, this view, about health, comes from an agency that is now considering ratification of MDMA for treatment of multiple ailments and has, for the last 40 years, endorsed the jailing of hundreds of thousands of people for use of and/or selling a mild psychoactive that is setting the stage (via States' rights) for all manner of changes.)

    Thanks for the prompt!