Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lands End Road - Grand Mesa, Colorado

The Lands End Road is the ONLY way to get to highway 50 from the top of Grand Mesa, Colorado. That is, I mean, unless you wanna drive all the way 'round.

It begins, assuming you're at the top, next to "The Observatory," a.k.a. The Visitors' Center, a building erected in the thirties by the Forest Service, Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the Conservation Corp -- The WPA and the Corp did everything in the thirties -- that appears permanently shuttered. It's finely blended styles of modernist rockwork and olde European slatting give it a stately appearance even in its unused dotage....don't u tink?

Signed "Not Advisable for Vehicles Towing Trailers Over 35 Feet," it's narrow near the top but is otherwise well maintained. And though the switchbacks be tight, hit ain't nuthin' fer an olde hand used tuh wranglin' a horse trailer. 

Eggbert's hand-crafted hood ornament beats any olde Jaguar's.

Maybe a third of the way down comes Wild Rose Picnic Ground. Based on the architecture I'm gonna surmise THE CORP had a hand in the design of the restrooms.

Both sexes are two-holers prompting more surmisaling (and chin-rubbing) about the significance of going to the bathroom together; the presence of windows adds an ambiance obviously intended to encourage contemplation. The womens' gets paper towels albeit with an admonishment to: First pull UP then pull DOWN. 

It took alot of self-control to pass on seeing what'd happen when I pulled down and THEN up. But I figgered given the bold print and what with me not being properly genderized, the consequences would be dire.   

The lone sentiment upon the wall...

liked it overgrown. And as u kin see frm the supply of T.P. (above) duh place ain't nowhar near abandoned.   

I fnd this vid abt the picnik grnds on Utoob. Gi reddy tuh tap yer toe 'n' hum along.

There's a trail that crosses a polluted stream after about 100 feet in case yer desperate (see vid). The bear brush was thick enough to inspire me to call but none came. And so, after a while, I trundled on.

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