Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We emerged from our post-Gunnison (Colorado) meanders barely more than a minute north of Slumgullion Pass with a vague notion to connect with highway 50. Thus, we went north on highway 149 until Chance -- that kind-hearted devil -- put us on a popular overland route through the Uncompagre National Forest. 

A bee!!! A bee!!

Although many maps show 149 only going as far as Big Blue campground it does, in fact, continue around Sheep Mountain, past Big Cimmaron C.G. to emerge on highway 50 hardly more than a mile east of the hamlet of Cimarron.

Coming from 149, there's alot of private land on either side of the road afore you reach National Forest. But hit's uh purty drive an' d'road's suitable fer yer Ma's caddy.

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