Thursday, August 6, 2015

Caught Out In Muh Altogether - Land's End Rd Camp

There are several spots. I chose the one about 1,000 ft below Wild Rose Picnic Area (see yesterday's post). It's barely 100 yards off the road but the entrance is steep enough to keep out the casual Lookie-Lou(ise)...or so I tho't.

But I ask you...what is it with some people's timing?! It was early morn, hardly past 9:00 a.m. but the sun was doing its thang and hit whar warm enough I'd put off gettin' dressed. So there I stood in muh birthday suit and boots when a pickup came down the drive. I'd draped my pants from Eggbert's door and quickly grabbing them adopted a brave stance. There was no cover....just the pants clutched at my waist. I watched and waited as the truck, too long to make the turn, backed up for a second try.

Suddenly, the sun's rays illuminated the driver...a woman only a few years younger than myself. And as I watched her complete her maneuverings she glanced over, gave me a big smile and a jaunty wave...and left.

I'm here tuh tell yuh, it made an olde phat man's heart glad!

And not another visitor the rest of the day.  (HURRRRRRAAAYYYY, cried the children)

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