Friday, August 7, 2015

Colorado National Monument

As everyone knows, National Monuments are special places. Thus, the discovery that I was in the vicinity of Colorado National Monument immediately inspired enthusiasm.

The enthusiasm blossomed into awe as I piddled my way along the rim drive.

Watch for "Monument Drive" as you approach the entrance. It's a local road that parallels the face of the escarpment where you'll see all the "lovely" homes clustered like lice around the canyons' entrances.

Eggbert's odometer recently passed the 200,000 mile mark. And although he's doing fine, maintenance is an ongoing need. I added the Paypal Donate button in the upper right in hopes some of you might have enough to share a bit. Alms, we cried...Alms for the poor. 


Ronald Stimbert said...

After reading the article on Jalopnik's Truck Yeah I bookmarked you. Checked today, and sure enough you just passed near my hometown of Fruita, CO. 'The Monument' as we call it is a special place, and so is The Grand Mesa.

For what its worth I agree about the houses. None of those existed when I was growing up.

MFH said...

Grand Mesa was amazing! I rarely stay in campgrounds but Storm King (SW of Saguache on the Middle Fork of the Carnero River) was empty when I arrived. Right at dusk I thought a New Yorker in the fashion of the day (all black) was wandering through but it turned out to be a large black bear. An altitude headache eventually forced me off but coming down Land's End Road led me to 'The Monument.' How was it growing up in Fruita and where do you hang your hat these days?

Jozien Keijzer said...

love this even more