Monday, August 10, 2015

Ouray and Silverton - Colorado

As with most geographic spectacles, it's impossible to capture the magnificence. But that's why we're out here, isn't it....tuh see it. Ain't no dang fotey-graf kin do it. But, perhaps these will inspire go see fer yerse'f.

The view approaching Ouray. Although this time of year is usually accompanied by "monsoons," this year has been particularly wet. The mushrooms have been fantastic! 

Ouray -- A name with many inferences. (My fav is that it's the British pronunciation (dropped aitches) of what the children in Captain Underpants books shout when the teacher announces recess.)

Immediately south of Ouray the road ascends a small hill to enter this valley...

Silverton...after a long steep descent (from either way). The Animas river flows along the right (SE) side of town with Mineral Creek flowing in from the NW. Their confluence, accessible from City Park, is about 500 feet behind the Visitor's Center...the white two-story building in the foreground (gray roof on right side of highway). It closes promptly at 5:00 p.m. 

The library is wonderfully welcoming with excellent wifi, many comfortable, over-stuffed chairs, couches and a large section for children. And dog-friendly too.

There are some nice homes awaiting renovation.

And, of course. there's the train.

The view a couple miles south. 

And for those who're uninterested in "yet another rock pile," there're flowers everywhere...

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Jozien Keijzer said...

surrounded by mountains... i wonder what that is like to live in such bowl? i am reading Carmen Aguirre, something fierce, i can recommend it, but she talks about LaPaz Bolivia...