Saturday, May 1, 2021

Justin Johnson

As one of the commenters put it: A legend is born.

Interview (written)


I think we all have magical powers, but controlling that power requires learning how to work with it. It all comes down to how closely you observe the universe, and how much value you assign to the energy that organizes the universe. I firmly believe that humans are capable of much more than what is scientifically or medically proven at this point in time. Much of my music and life is guided, not by my own personal choices of reasoning, but by close observation of the organized “flow” of our surroundings. The meaningful synchronicities in life always seem to point us in the right artistic and career directions. Many of the songs on my last album, “If Walls Could Talk,” came from the act of fleshing out a musical “glimpse” that came from something like the image of a full moon rising over the snow, or a lone bird surveying the fog-shrouded hill as the sun was rising. If I put enough of my heart into observing and valuing those moments, they usually give me deep insight and inspiration in return.

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