Thursday, December 6, 2018

Solstice Music & Tree at Michelle's

Escaping the urban noise...

I wended my way via the back roads, we live in the Northeast Heights (Frights), down to the Nature Trail that parallels the Rio Grande. Just before the junction was a tree-lot with two Hispanic guys keeping watch. (What with one thing and another we've not had a tree for several years.) Their smallest was $45.00, but he let me have a foot-and-a-half one, perfect for us, for $15.00.

Michelle did ceramics for about 15 years. This was from 1998.

Sophie, my cat, a mergers and acquisitions specialist, died in 2010. Michelle did her portrait in 1995.

Mushroom from my childhood. Pink star from Dillards Department Store back when One El and I were Marketing Executives at UNM Press (late '80s). The Wizard Cat was a gift from me to Double El; undated.

Devout agnostics, when One El and I met in '86 she was still fresh from a medieval choral group in D.C. that sang a cappella. She has a beautiful voice and unselfconsciously accompanied many of the carols on the first selection below.

All of us are ornament enthusiasts. This year we're drawing from Double El's and my collection. Donuts! Carrots!

This evening's playlist...

Classics; you'll likely recognize them all.

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