Thursday, January 14, 2016


Familial responsibilities have, for the past two winters, kept me from realizing my desire of wintering in Baja. But two weeks ago, sensing potential, I posted a call for female guides (age not specified) to accompany "four, ruggedly handsome guys age 50 - 63." Compensation was to be commensurate with their abilities.

The vision was of some enthusiasts who, like us, had read all about it but still a tad hesitant were looking for company. We were, of course, thinking ages 50 - 75...or thereabouts. Due to the mutually beneficial circumstances, compensation would be negligible. 

Perhaps it's my heritage, but when I received an email, with accompanying photos, tendering the services of three young women -- nothing really provocative; I mean, they certainly looked healthy in their bikinis. -- I was skeptical.  I sent a polite reply declining saying, "You're too young." This was quickly rejoined with, "We have older friends; it's not a problem for us."

Their "Update" video posted 6/17/15

Thus, I found myself, via skype, conversing with these three amazing women. Over the next 45-minutes, as we discussed the expedition's aspirations, I was treated to first-hand demonstrations of their acumen. But what stood out was their intrepittude! It was so convincing I soon decided to forgo guides, the other three guys and, as is my usual wont, go it alone.

I'm thinking I'll save it for next year, when things have settled a bit more and there'll be time to take the ferry to Mazatlan and continue down to them. (see vid below)

After tho'ts: It was a novel experience pondering the idea that I might not have gotten comfortable traveling with three women even younger than my daughter. 


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