Monday, January 18, 2016

Shirley Hatfield, World Traveler

In Truth or Consequences on business and with a few minutes to kill, I ventured in at Spaceport America's Visitor Center.

Shirley Hatfield has extensive experience with travel (though not in space) including much in India and other places. I found her views interesting and tho't you might too. They in no way reflect the opinions, at least as far as I know, of Sir Branson or anyone associated with his activities.


Brave Daughters

Female Enlightenment

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Wonderful to meet you and share metaphysical mergings with someone who has time and attention... on a sunny day in TorC...Earth...the less I say the smarter I sound...I AM Here Now and Ready for the Future...Onward and Upward! Hope our points of view will meet again...Best Wishes for your continued success and well being, Shirley( the Spaceport America Visitors Center Greeter and Cosmic Cook)