Sunday, January 24, 2016

Japanese Archery

I'm sort of ambidextrous; I draw a bow and bat right-handed, but use a fork and (used to) shoot a rifle left-handed. An injury to my left eye put an end to the riflery, but unwilling to give up completely I got me a 20-guage pump and began practicing my Rifleman stance.

But, you know, the racket was kinda annoying. 

Then something jogged the memory of a cultural exchange event that featured some archers. They, three of each sex, fired the length of the main gym at the University of New Mexico. 
I recalled the quiet too.  

Obstacles That Must Be Thrown Away

It's been a little over a year since I began fooling with my Samik breakdown (25 pd draw). Bored with hitting the target, I took to the internet for inspiration. Within minutes I found this group in Tuscon. They were very welcoming and although there wasn't a lot to incorporate into my practice, I enjoyed watching. 


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excellent focus and direction!