Thursday, August 4, 2022

Keeping Track

Camp, about 20 minutes from La Grande, Oregon.

I discovered the car registration and insurance card had disappeared. I surmise it might've been taken by the pranksters who let the air out of the right front tire.

Replacing the insurance card was easy enough with a trip to the library. But the registration involves getting ahold of Motor Vehicle Division in New Mexico. I've called the Governor's office twice to see if they could help me get through. 

This is my fourth day and not a single car, atv or hiker. Bliss!

7pm Update: I jinxed it. No sooner than I used the B word (we'll whisper it: bliss) than a friggin sheepherder from Ecuador shows up! We managed a five-minute conversation, in Spanish, about our origins before we gave up.


  1. A sheepherder...with or without sheep? How lonely was HE? Was his bliss likewise despoiled? Oregon has some weird people.

  2. ...without, but with three, count 'em, THREE, albeit well-behaved, dawgs!

    Our communication skills weren't up to "lonliness." He quickly assessed the situation and left.

    I didn't get any impression of despoilage on his part. He seemed quite amiable...just came over, from the far hill to the south (he gestured when I asked where he was from) to check me out. Hmmm, maybe he WAS lonely!

    I have yet to experience lonliness, myself.

    When Art, WHEN, am I gonna get to see some of that prose you so coquetishly referred to as being on FB? You see that email at the bottom of my profile? Huhm?