Friday, May 22, 2020

Memorializing Shooting

The sign on the highway says: CABEZON.

Sheen Fit for L.A.

There's a smaller one that says White Mesa Bike Trails. It's prime desert, some of which is designated wilderness. But it's Memorial Day weekend and the shootists appear to have a majority.


Four-wheel drive lo enabled me to scale a short, nearly-vertical wall that got me onto a pipeline road. There are bits of chert scattered about as if someone, perhaps hundreds, or thousands, of years ago was busy at something. And there are blooming cacti. Or, rather, there are cactuses that're blooming.

The Rode In

In any case, the shootists are safely (we hope) on the other side of the hill and it'll take an equally stout-hearted vehicle to get up here; not likely. So, we'll settle in and hopefully the water'll last.


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