Saturday, May 12, 2018

David Mulvenna, Silver City, New Mexico

In celebration of contractualizing our 26-year marriage (we got legally hitched in January), Michelle and I are spending a few days together in Silver City.

Today we met David Mulvenna (, Fine Artist and Metalsmith. He gave us a tour of his home, the 16,000-square-foot former Elks Lodge.

David talks about a base for an elephant sculpture. It's too big to fit through the doorway so he's gonna take out a window. Once a police officer in Cleveland, Ohio, at age 70 he's contemplating his (estimated) fourth incarnation. Know anyone who wants a 16,000 square-foot project in Silver City?  

With Morgana, one of his cats.

(I, MFH, was born in the Year of the Dragon. One side benign, the other fire-breathing.)

"Benign, my ass. You're an idiot."

An aphorism of his own

The building, a block long, includes Vicki's Eatery.

.Michelle acquired this bit of surreality while imbibing at Vicki's. Put it on REPEAT to glean the full effect. yer heart out.

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  1. Love the "I rise from the abyss" piece. Nice post.