Sunday, December 18, 2016

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

So, I had my annual physical and it was, as they say, all good.  I hadn't had any "riskque" encounters this past year and hadn't been ravished by any of those damned jumping toilets seats so was able to skip the STI profile. The nurse listened to my heart and lungs and they were, apparently, still there so without even a kiss or pat on the ass I was sent on my way.

I stopped at John Brook's Foods in Socorro where I often find interesting stuff. They had some gorgonzola and two kinds of bleu, one Danish and one French. This is REAL aged cheese; if you look closely you can see the pus-colored ooze along the bottom of the mold (that white layer). The brownish part had a nice crustiness to it, due, I'll surmise, to some exposure to air.

We stopped in T or C to pick up some books by/on Gurdjieff. He came up in conversation recently and it's been several decades since I read his stuff.  Xochis Used Books and Gallery is one of those incomparable resources where you can actually find things. The proprietor, an expert on psychedelics, has, in addition to the usual stuff, a locked case with some of the lesser-known works. I got several by G.I. himself and a couple by Ouspensky. More than enough for a "refresher."

Trundling westward. Thinking maybe of touring Patagonia, I hear it's an up- and-coming arts town; then over to Organ Pipe. Suggestions anyone?

Smith was delighted to be back in the wilds and wore herself out.

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Michelle Cook said...

Anyone THAT adorable is bound to be exhausted. Cuteness extraordinaire!!