Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Can You Mix Engine Oils? (Jeezus!! A friggin' *technical*!)

Out there in the fields, where we ponder our wheels....the question has come up a number of times (for me). I tho't you too might find this article of interest. Besides which, Overland Journal is the only publication, I know you agree, worth subscribing to. 

And their annual conference, Overland Expo, is coming up soon. (New location: Fort Tuthill County Park, mere minutes from Flagstaff)

How's tHAt for a press release & promo?

For those who, like myself, eschew campgrounds, road 89A going SW from Ft Tuttle C.G. is the "backroad" to Sedona. It's in Nat'l Forest and from my brief looksee this past Fall appeared to offer innumerable boondocking opportoonitees.

Finally, there's this.....

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Art said...

Short version: 1) don't mix traditional & synthetic 2) don't mix multi & single viscosity 3) use what's recommended for your vehicle 4) when in a jam just skip #1

Pepper McKean said...

Happy New Year

MFH said...

Thank you!!! To you too!!!

MFH said...

Art!! I'm envious. You're just so damn *succinct*!!