Friday, December 9, 2016

Birds & Vasectomy

Used to be they posted a bird count of the geese and cranes on an 8.5 x 11 sheet in the foyer of the Bosque Del Apache Visitors' Center. No more. A "staff decision" leaves one at the mercy of an electronic kiosk that (if it worked) would provide a count of damn near every bird this side of the Mississippi that was seen there and is present. It wasn't working. And the volunteer had obviously been briefed to NOT give any hint of counts other than to say (enthusiastically!) there were thousands. "And lots of ducks!"

Used to be we could hear the cranes flying over our hovel near Candelaria & Eubank in Albuquerque. I'm gonna say it's been fifteen years. I'm not that big on birds but the "count" in my (alleged) mind is a reflection of habitat. If there's no habitat (spawning/fledging grounds) elsewhere, there aren't gonna be many birds here.

The volunteer said if I wanted to see a bunch there was a goodly amount on the first pond to the north. And so there were. But a friend who lives further south, where they used to congregate by the hundreds of thousands on Lake Cabballo, said he hasn't seen 'em flying over for a number of years.

You might wanna keep it in mind as you encourage your children to get a vasectomy. (I've never understood why women have been expected to undergo major surgery when men can take care of the problem with a 15-minute procedure. And *cheap* too!)

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