Friday, May 20, 2016

The Wait May Kill Yuh

We, Two El and I, set up the swampcooler and while she lowed the mawn I went down to my "apartment" (a Motel 6 Studio) for a break. She was still working when I came back and continued while I set out salmon, cheese and pineapple for dinner. She lost track of time and forgot she had two cat-sits. I returned the hose she'd bought and didn't need to Lowe's while she ate. We said goodbye several times as I got the last of the stuff into the car.

I went and picked up Michele (One El) at Vitamin Cottage (she doesn't drive and usually takes the bus) and took her home where I took Eggbert's plate off. Shel'll coordinate with The Make a Wish Foundation who's sending someone to come get him. They'll auction him off and the proceeds will go to the NM chapter.

Susan called this afternoon to tell me she got an apartment at the Curley School in Ajo, Arizona. For over twenty years she's dreamed of living there. A one-bedroom came open at the same time Section 8 gave her a voucher -- after they told her in January she'd have to wait two years. The timing was exquisite...she'd run out of places to stay and the van (see blogpost 11/22/14) was full of stuff her friend Jack had left her when he died a few months ago. She'll move in June 1. (Suzan was homeless in Nov 2014, so I gave her the van.)

Squishy Tulips (a blog I read) got to meet Susan Branch, an author she admires. In the course of the event, she was introduced to some people she knew by sight but had been too shy to approach. Several other wonderful things happened that day.

Timing is amazing. I gave up speculating years ago when I realized reality was gonna far surpass anything I could imagine. I still wish it didn't wait until the last minute. Sometimes the wait gets a tad excruciating.

Tomorrow I'll leave for the Expo in Two El's 2008 FIT. She's loaning it for the duration.

I made an appt with my physician for Sept 29 for my annual physical. One El reminded me that's our name day. She said we've been celebrating it for years; Two El said we celebrated it last year.

I guess we'll celebrate this year...if we're still here. All in all, the many happenings of the day hint at the possibilities of the next phase. It was a nice way to cap this one...most notable for the many deaths including Eggbert's mechanic (brain cancer) and Two El's mom (olde age). I can hardly wait! 


Helena Hanbasket said...

My dad died Dec 4th. I look forward to seeing him again.

Helena Hanbasket said...

My dad died Dec 4th. I look forward to seeing him again.

MFH said...

So sorry to hear. Please don't check out too soon. You're at the top of my list (that's a threat!) for after I lose weight. PLEASE stick around!! For me?