Thursday, May 5, 2016

Road Trip

Every few years Ms. Cook (see: Vince's Birthday)takes a couple of weeks off and we meetup somewhere. She's grown tired of flying so we decided to do a road trip... to the redwoods in northern California. 

We stopped at the Sinclair station in Bluff, Utah where she imagined lovers meeting in the parking lot able to have all their needs met from a vending machine.

         Climax Control Lotion
          Swedish Massage Oil

            Erotic Condom

               Oriental Exciter

A complete kit for only $3.00! ( 4 x $0.75)

At the main overlook on the Dugway, she found this sticker of Mokimunk. (There was sunshine and clouds and the view was spectacular!)

In Sierraville, Nevada she spied Godzilla's Pomeranian.

I'm so used to wandering my navigating skills are rusty but it's been "all good" as we've found some great places we'd have missed. (I missed the turn in Hanksville and it wasn't until I saw the mileage-to-Torrey sign that I had a clue. Highway 24 West from Hanksville, UT looked veeeerrry in-ter-esting -- even in the dark.) 

Robbers Roost, in Green River, Utah, has high marks on Tripadvisor. At only $43.00 it was a bargain.

Besides the spectacular scenery, a highpoint has been the Churchill County Museum in Fallon, Nevada. They have an amazing Native American collection (after 40 years in the SW my opinion isn't the least humble) and several unusual vehicles including a bonafide, steam-powered steamroller, a 1930s school bus, which, according to Gwen, our tour guide, was driven, by default, by the eldest child. She began driving tractor at age four and said in those days ten-year-olds were quite capable. There's also a 1920s Paige touring car...

         and this incredible music box (video below).

          (Assistance from staff is required to operate.)

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