Saturday, May 28, 2016

My New Ride

1996 Geo Tracker with 4-wheel-drive. Everything works including the cassette player and cruise control. Manual windows and locks (HURRAAYYY!!), it's responding well to premium; the occasional hiccup at idle has disappeared and the lifters are quieting down. A four-cylinder, it's geared low enough it doesn't strain to get the trailer moving. I found an empty dumpster for the seats, but hurrying to get The Schvoog (2008 Honda FIT) home hasn't left a lot of time for artful packing. 

My preplanning included calling a few people to see if they'd be interested in taking a road trip from Albuq to Weiser, Idaho. They all said NO! Plan B was multi-modal with Amtrak, Trailways and Uber. But She had it all worked came with a hitch. And the folks who were selling it knew all about towing (they were gonna use it behind their motorhome) so it was a snap! I slept on the lawn of their back forty, woke with the dawn and was off.

We (the royal we, dontchya know) made it to Elko last night. Roy's Market, downtown, is the only place I've found pork tongues. They're far better than beef tongue. Just chop 'em up and sautee 'em. Good eatin', Maynard!!

25.87 mpg pulling the trailer.

Why an older vehicle? Excerpts from Wiki:

Powered by Suzuki's G16B 16-valve 1.6L producing 96 hp, the Tracker was different from other SUVs. Based on a rugged light-truck chassis, it was bolstered by a sturdy off-road 4-wheel-drive system coupled to a hi-lo, 2-4 transfer case. The Tracker had a strong front suspension with a rugged recirculating ball steering box rather than the post '98 models' wimpy, expensive-to-repair rack & pinion, and 'lectric geegaws such as pwr windows. The conventional front differential was rigidly mounted ahead of the engine, with CV axles connecting the coil-spring front hubs to the differential case. The rear axle was a conventional light truck unit on coil springs. As a result of the truck-like underpinnings the pre-'98 Trackers are notable for their durability. 


Damion said...

Where did you find that Geo! I still have mine and it is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I take it off-road, to the beach, and it really rides nicely down the freeway too. I am always looking for another in case this one finally kicks the bucket. Mine is pushing 200,000 miles and rides like it is 5,000.

Damion @ Jacky Jones Lincoln

MFH said...


It came up on Craigslist in Weiser, Idaho. A long drive, but it was worth it ($3600.00) What year is yours? I like the electric hubs.

Helena Hanbasket said...

Congrats. It's perfect for you!

Helena Hanbasket said...

Congrats. It's perfect for you!