Monday, July 20, 2015

A Sheltered Life - Las Vegas, New Mexico

I lead a sheltered life. 

Thus, as I wandered through Las Vegas (New Mexico) I was on the lookout for the gems of travel. Suddenly, there she was...going through the intersection right in front of me!! Tina doesn't usually let people take her picture, but...just this once. 

She's been riding for five years and her "starter" bike was a Yamaha SuperV 900. The Harley is, I think she said, a 1550. 

Just north of town, I spied this painting on the side of a long shed.

I'm not sure of the history of the Spiney Madonna, but the image is iconic New Mexico. You can clicken to enlargen and see the detail in her face.

It's great to be oot 'n' aboot again.


Jozien Keijzer said...

i love what you see

Comlete Exclusive said...

This is a fun place with a two-faced appeal. The top floor at Chicago venues is for all that sass and oomph. It was super packed, but we just wanted to check it out. Loved the solid selection of quality craft beers.