Thursday, October 23, 2014

That Obama!

I'm based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the place where everyone who's been everywhere settles. It has a good airport, superb green chili and property is still cheap. 

Our 85 sq mtr (900 sq ft) home is in a blue-collar neighborhood where folks bought (they're now too poor to afford new) new cars because everyone else did, drink Bud Lite beer because everyone else does, and let their dogs bark all day because they're completely self-absorbed. It's always a great relief to leave.

Several years ago a dyslexic truck-driver neighbor whose politics were gleaned from TV and dock workers began affecting the expletive: That Obama! When asked, "Wha'd he do now?" he'd spout sound-bite drivel or sweeping generalities from talk-radio. He bought a white SUV and then had it painted black after his peers informed him black was all the rage. In this part of the world where the sun shines 365 days a year and it gets HOT, a black vehicle, like having a child when you're thirteen, is nothing but proof of stupidity. (They used to wait until fifteen but cultural recidivism is rampant.)

In a town where you'd think EVERYONE would bicycle, gas prices are closely watched (thaaaAAAAATTT's Albuq!!). The pricing velocilutions are tied to elections and many people fill their backyards with olde 55-gallon-drums in anticipation. It's like playing the market...and pickups that have never hauled anything more than a six-pack line up at the pumps with as many as they can hold. There've been several fires that've vied with Burning Man for media time.

But this is the lowest prices have been since the '70s!!

                  That Obama!!

January 8, 2016 Update....

                        OMG! That O'Bama!

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