Saturday, October 4, 2014

Berkeley Musings

I envy those who can evoke images with words and enjoyed this bit from a friend in Berkeley. She, in a prev life, lived in Africa for a while. 

October, 3, 2014

I'm sitting here on our back porch in amazing heat for Berkeley - the 90s - listening to the wisteria pods - do you have those purple vines in Albuquerque? - as they dry and burst in this heat, sounding like little BB guns shooting/popping their seeds into the yards and fences. When I first experienced this a few years ago I told ------ (name deleted to preserve the innocent) I thot some kid was out there pea-shooting at me while I was gardening.


Wisteria Pods
I realize I'm basically a Sacamenna girl, used to the dry heat and warm evenings of summer. I can almost recall the smell of gardenias then. And sprinklers on wet lawns. The typical Berkeley evening is cool, with a real breeze coming off the bay.

I've gotten used to it, and even welcome the fresh air sometimes as a relief from the other smells of a dry summer and city living.

Yet it's nice to sit out here and not get a sweater. To get up in the morning and put on shorts and t-shirt. Africa was like this too.


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