Friday, October 10, 2014

Los Ocotillos de las Quebradas (Backcountry Byway)

Here at N34.11855, W106.81048, we're at the northern most range of the ocotillo. And this is the fuzziest I've ever seen...evidence, along with signs of recent grading where the arroyos cross the road, of the wet summer. 

They claim we're in a drought, but the truth is it's a desert and the years they tho't (they call that thinking?!!) were normal were actually a period of unusual wetness.

Now that they've documented the (still unpredictable) weather for 40 years there are a few iconoclasts who're hinting that maybe *this* is normal. Of course, those who've grown accustomed to their entitlements don't want to hear it. 

Oh, and while yer at it, how about bailing out all us other "artisans?" Whaddya mean you only do banks & S & Ls?

When you get up close they almost look fuzzy.

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