Friday, March 14, 2014

Yak Olimpics

In the Yak Olimpiks it's every Yak for themselves. 

The pole-vaulting is particularly fierce with no tho't except for winning.

The sport originated in the Days of Trebuchet....

BWCD (Before World Cat Domination), additional honor was garnered via being the Launchee. The mightiest warriors would fly over the bulwarks howling their terrifying cries!

First there's

The Approach

Followed by

The Launch

The Release is quite dramatic and...

the spectators' voices drown the commentary as all join in her emblematic cry...

The Descent

See my twidget?!! Hah, hah, hah!!

The Landing (on her feet, of course)


Below is a photo of a miniature yak. She's shown in the company of Roscoe-the-cat.

Drawings & Photos by Michelle D. Cook

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Michelle Cook said...

Such tender memories of Two Fine Cats! Now that there is a hint of spring, Bonsai is ready to haul out her trebuchet and spring into action once more.