Saturday, March 8, 2014

Susie's Shooz

Well, I'll keep you in mind, but it's a little early.

Life in Albuquerque is pretty dismal. The steppe (supposedly covered with pinyons, junipers, oaks and wildlife galore before the Spaniards) has been overlaid by a vast, urban wasteland. It's claim to fame: the highest number of Walmarts per capita.

Ah, there's nothing better than shopping. 
To liven things up we decided to have a garage sale.  Among the items consigned were the fertilizer spreader (retired years ago when xeriscaping became de rigueur); a 1970s GE phonograph/radio left over from the days of fringe-topped suede boots; and the high point...Mom's collection of dancing shoes. 

She'd traveled Europe in her youth. Together with their original boxes, they hailed from exotic locales where handsome men (had) waited in line for her favors.

"Yes, I always wear white lace underpants with these." she replied with a disingenuous smile.

At 84 she's still quick with a risque rejoinder, but allowed as how it was time to let 'em go.

Bubbly? Of course!!

There's something about a man who drives a TC.

Her size, 4 1/2 - 5, turned out to be unpopular; we sold one pair. 

Perhaps these seductive shooz will help brighten your day.

I'm hungry, let's get some breakfast!

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