Monday, April 1, 2013

Salton Sea

It was late afternoon as I headed east on highway 78 toward the Salton Sea. I was envisioning an idyllic beach-side camp with the crying of gulls and a mermaid or two.

At the junction with 86 the wind was blowing so hard I had tuh use my 'mergincy brake tuh stop. It was crosswise as I turned north and whilst I drove thar wuz airborne rat'lerz, a herd of javalinas four feet off the ground, and a brick porta-potty whut comed acrosst the highway. Thar warn't no way tuh camp!

Some miles up the road we rounded the mountain and the wind abated. I tried several tracks looking for a camp but all led to private property.

It was almost dark when, with  failing hope I turned onto what I tho't of as my last-ditch chance. It took me throo bordering stands of tamarisk too high to see over until I emerged on a "pristine" beach complete with pelicans, seagulls and my own "freshwater" slough.  Once again I thanked my lucky stars for bringing me home.

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