Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hot Springs LTVA - West of Yuma

Steve Hunter - Campground Host

Hot Springs Long-term Visitor Area (LTVA) is about fifteen miles East of El Centro, California on interstate eight.

The springs are 75 feet behind two  concrete-block pit toilets that double as changing rooms. The water comes out of the ground at 118 degrees Fahrenheit (47.7 C), but is cooled to 103 (39.4 C) by management. There's a lawn-sprinkler like device for the kiddies and two cement tubs. The larger tub can hold half a dozen friends or four strangers. The smaller, cooler tub is a one-person or "intimates" deal. The rules ask you to shower before getting in.

But then there's the oasis!!! Immediately adjacent to the springs, it's 80 feet across, with reeds, palms swaying in the breeze and (Lucky Herrmann!) a lovely bathing beauty.

The springs are free. Swimsuits are required.

Across the street is the LTVA. Steve Hunter, the campground host, had spent the previous 30 years in the area and gave me a list of places to visit that'll keep me busy for a while.

The LTVA permit is good for eight different LTVAs in Arizona and California.

Bathing Beauty

$180.00 per season or $60.00/28 days or $40.00 for 14 days.


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jozien said...

i love how you write, the oasis and your beauty truly beautiful.
Happy Easter

MFH said...

I'm a devout thumb sucker....and agnostic. To each their own, eh?

MFH said...

She *was* lovely...and perfectly willing to be photographed; German, I think.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book "Hope, Human and Wild" by Bill McKibben. It was insightful and a wonderful read. I've passed it along for others to enjoy. Sorry the apple pie was not to your liking, each place may use their own recipe.
Steve Hunter