Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Barstow, California - It Takes Some Doing

The sign in The Olde Train Depot hints at the town's difficulties.

They managed to rejuvenate the Train Station using earthquake monies from the 1990s. One of Fred Harvey's ventures, it's hidden on the opposite side of the tracks and takes some doing to find.

After enjoying the architecture, you'll want to turn right upon exiting the complex in order to experience one of the worst bits of road in the continental U.S. Also take note of the splendid (NOT!) view of the Mojave River as you cross over. 

When you come to the four-way stop you'll almost be on old highway 58. Continue past the forest-green Mexican restaurant with the magnificent stevedore sculpture (Luis Jimenez woulda been green with envy) and go about two miles (this IS hwy 58) to the corner of Soap Mine Road.

CORNER of Soap Mine Road

Here you'll find a collection of vehicle/sculptures, some of which were used in the movie: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

The sculptures were crafted by two brothers, now deceased.

Skull Hood Ornament
Note Outboard Motor

Actually Ran (at one time)

Back in town, 3B Tenis Shoes offers some great deals. Proprietor Pedro Valencia, who, contrary to his expression in the photo below, is quite friendly, made me a deal on a new cap...only $5.00. He and son Abe were presiding that day. One block West of Barstow Rd on the South side of Business I-15 -- also known as National Trails Hwy. And in case you noticed, the Spanish spelling of tennis is with one "en."

A cloudy day!!!

Sure-fire good ole boy 

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