Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mojave Wildlife

I was descending from my top-o'-the-bajada camp outside Blythe when I met this gentleman highstepping across the road.

 Males have  larger (I forget the technical name) "things" sticking out under their necks. Dora, at the Mojave Preserve office, said based on his size he was a real oldster.

He was in full stride with head and legs fulled extended when I came around the corner. I was so overwhelmed by his natty bowler, cane and spats it took me a bit to remember the camera. By then he'd discerned my intentions and, quickly changing to his Chairman Mao gray's, he pulled in and "parked."

I put out a bit of apple as enticement with the bottle for scale. But he was having none of it. After a bit, I decided it best to leave. But if you'd seen him before he was overcome with shyness, I think you'd agree he'd have done great alongside Gene Kelly.

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